Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What deliver slots do you offer?

A. We deliver twice a week for a Mon-Fri plan or three times a week for a Mon-Sun package.

E.g Mon-Fri Plan: Sunday evening 7-9pm Or Monday morning 6-8am and Wednesday 7-9pm or Thursday 6-8am.

Mon-Sun plan: Sunday evening 7-9pm Or Monday morning 6-8am and Wednesday 7-9pm or Thursday 6-8am and Friday 7-9pm or Saturday 6-8am.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. Currently we are taking orders by phone, messages, Instagram, and email. Simply head over to our meal plans and select a package that suits your goals. Or head over to our menu and design your own meal plan, then contact us to place an order in one of the following ways.


Instagram: @Triplemeals


Q. Do I need to cook my meals? 

A. No! We have done the hard part for you. All meals are provided in microwaveable containers with heating instructions on the lid. Your orders will be delivered fresh each day. 

Q. How long do meals last for? 

A. Meals are kept fresh if refrigerated for up to 3 days, if you are planning to consume meals after this period, then please freeze meals for up to 6 weeks to maintain high quality. 

Q. Can I freeze my Meals? 

A. Yes, we recommend you freeze your meals on the date of delivery if you aren’t planning on eating them within 2 days to maintain high quality.



Q. What areas do you deliver to? 

A. Currently, we deliver within the Hertfordshire area. However, we will be expanding to London and surrounding areas very soon. 

Q. What are our delivery options? 

A. We provide two daily delivery options. Mornings between 6 am and 8 am OR evenings between 7 pm and 9 pm. If you opt for the evening’s option, your Monday order will be delivered on Sunday evening.  

Q. How much will it cost? 

A. Our packages range in price depending on the option you go for. Weekly packages start from as little as £15.99. There is a £5 delivery charge for orders below £29.99. 

 Q. What if I miss my delivery? 

A. We will send out a reminder via text to let you know we will be delivering within the hour. If you are not home please let us know so we can arrange to drop off with a neighbour or leave your meals close by.